What are sip phone systems

Are you aware of the technology by the name of sip phone systems? Do you know sip phone system are also called VoIP phone? Moreover, have you ever used this system in your office to have connected yourself with clients, customers or business partner? If you don’t know about this new technology you have missed an opportunity to connect the VoIP phones with IP phone with the help of Local Area Network commonly referred to as LAN or it can also be connected with the help of internet.

How do sip phone system perform

There are different ways in which this system operates in order to provide various firms to call their clients, customers, suppliers and business partners using IP network or traditional PSTN network. While using this system client can benefit from it using hardware and software technology provided with it. The hardware SIP phone looks like conventional telephone, but provides the client with a different functionality with build in hardware enabling the client to have make and receive calls replacing traditional PSTN system with internet.

The second type of technology is a software which helps the client to use computer replacing the telephone provided along with the head phone and a sound card.